Poland Work Visas & Permits

Working in Poland can be a great opportunity for foreign workers. With the right work visa and permit, you can gain access to many of the occupations that are in high demand in Poland.

However, obtaining the necessary work visas and permits can be a complex process. In order to successfully obtain a work visa or permit for Poland, it is important to understand what is required of you as well as the different types of visas and permits available.

Poland has six different types of work permits, each with its own set of requirements. Depending on the type of work you are planning to do in Poland, you will need to apply for the appropriate permit.

Work Permit A. It is required if you have a job offer from a business registered in Poland. This work permit is given to you under the condition that you will obtain a valid residence permit.

Work Permit B. This permit is required if you are employed as a board member and will be residing in Poland for a period exceeding six months.

Work Permit C. If you are delegated to Poland by a foreign employer for longer than 30 days to work for their Polish branch.

Work Permit D. If a foreign employer delegate you to Poland to work in export services. The foreign employer must not have a Polish branch.

Work Permit S. This permit is required if a foreign employer sends you to Poland for agricultural, hunting, fishing, or accommodation activities.


A Valid passport.

Proof that the applicant has enough financial security and support to manage themselves during their stay. For this, they have to submit proof of income or sponsorship declaration from close acquaintances in a Schengen country, and bank statements.

Letter of Employment provided by a Polish employer.

A copy of the itinerary that includes confirmed reservation and airline ticket.

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